Special Grades

Special Grades

5.01.00- Mixed recovered paper and board Unsorted paper and board, separated at source.

5.02.00- Mixed packaging A mixture of various qualities of used paper and board packaging, free from newspapers and magazines.

5.03.00- Liquid board packaging Used liquid packaging board including used PE-coated liquid packaging board (with or without aluminium content), containing a minimum of 50% by weight of fibres, and the balance being aluminium or coatings.

5.04.00- Wrapper kraft Poly-lined, sprayed, or laminated used kraft. Must not contain bitumen or wax coatings.

5.05.00- Wet labels Used wet labels from wetstrength papers, containing a maximum of 1% glass content, and a maximum of 50% moisture, without other unusable materials.

5.06.00- Unprinted white wet-strength woodfree papers Unprinted white wet-strength woodfree papers.

5.07.00- Printed white wet-strength woodfree papers Printed white wet-strength woodfree papers.


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