The OVOL Fiber Europe (Before known as Price & Pierce Fiber) office was founded in November 2014.

This was the moment when OVOL acquired the European
recovered fiber activities from GP Harmon International and Jeroen de
Vries was appointed as managing director.

The OVOL Fiber Europe team combines commercial strengths with
extensive operational and logistical knowledge in the recovered fiber industry.

While none of the companies within the global corporation of OVOL had any previous trade experience in the recovered fiber industry, the office in The Netherlands commenced with an accumulated 30 years of trading expertise in this industry.

Japan Pulp and Paper Corporation Ltd listed at the First Section of the
Tokyo Stock Exchange has publicly stated their goal of overall group
revenue increasing from USD 6 billion in 2010 to USD 10 billion in 2020.

This is our History

Origins of OVOL date back to 1869 in Manchester (UK). Amongst its earliest activities OVOL was engaged in sales of raw- and sawn timber from North America to Russia and UK.

Since 1924 OVOL Fiber Europe was listed in London Stock Exchange for 50 years. From 1950s to 1980s it was one of the shareholders in the Russian Wood Agency in UK.

In 1998 the Finnish public company M-Real Corporation became the owner of the company and in 2004 Gould Paper Corporation in New York acquired OVOL.

In 2010 Gould Paper Corporation announced the sale of 51% interest to
Japan Pulp & Paper. Japan Pulp & Paper Corporation Ltd purchased the remaining 49% of equity in April 2015.



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